2017年3月,GfK发布《2017年五大技术趋势报告》(Five Tech Trends you can’t afford to ignore in 2017)。GfK专家对最热门技术的看法以及它们将如何影响,连接消费者的生活:

  • 移动移动?
  • 虚拟现实在“真实”世界中如何运作?
  • 智慧家庭已经到了,智能汽车还远吗?
  • 可穿戴设备的未来是什么?


Read what our experts think about the hottest technologies and how they will impact
Connected Consumers’ lives:

  • When will payments be mobile?
  • How will virtual reality work in the “real” world?
  • Will homes ever be smart and vehicles autonomous?
  • What’s the future for wearables?

These technologies could transform your brands and business so read on.


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