作为中国的主要沟通工具,微信(WeChat)已成为消费者的一体化移动应用,替换借记卡,会员卡,客户服务代理,电子邮件营销,品牌移动应用,商店定位器和传统数字 广告。 品牌利用所有微信功能的能力将决定他们在中国消费者中的命运。

DECEMBER 21, 2016 – As China’s primary communication tool, WeChat has become consumers’ all-in-one mobile app, single handedly replacing debit cards, loyalty cards, customer service agents, email marketing, branded mobile apps, store locators, and traditional digital advertising. The ability for brands to leverage all of WeChat’s capabilities will determine their fortunes among Chinese consumers.




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