Metabase 0.35 版本试用和新功能介绍


过滤自定义表达式Filter expressions, string extracts, and more

At long last, we’ve added the ability to create filter expressions in the custom question builder, which allow you to include ORs in your filters. You can now write expressions like, ([Subtota] > 100 AND [Tax] < 10) OR [Product.Category] = "Gizmo"

We’ve also added a whole host of new spreadsheet-like functions that can be used when creating filter expressions, custom columns, or custom aggregations. So you can now use things like case statements, string concatenation, or sumif and countif functions. Check out the documentation to see all the new functions you can use.

Filter expressions


SQL查询中引用已保存问题Reference saved questions in your SQL queries

You can now include the results of another saved question in your SQL queries using syntax like with Example as or select * from , where #123 is the ID of the saved question. (Note that you can only include questions based on the same database as the one you’ve currently selected.)

Question references


Metabase 0.35版本中还优化性能和修改一些BUGS,请参考文档


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