2016年,Criteo发布了《2016时尚报告,吸引新一代时尚购物者》(Fashion Flash Report Wooing The New Generation Of Fashion Shoppers)。报告,根据来自超过200家美国时尚零售商的数据,500万笔交易和1500多位个人美国时尚购物者,吸引和保持他们的关键是在他们所在的地方见到他们,并提出他们已经在寻找的选择。


  • 如何新一代商店,无论是一整天,每周和每周,以及你应该采取的关键步骤,以吸引这些时尚购物者
  • 时尚收购活动的理想目标受众的人口和零售习惯
  • 关于如何吸引和保持技术忠诚客户的长期忠诚的提示

Your Next Customer is Faster, Smarter and Hops Across Devices
With so many new technologies and platforms available to consumers, the competition to attract fashion’s most enthusiastic shoppers is fierce. The key to enticing and keeping them, according to data from more than 200 U.S. fashion retailers, five million transactions, and 1,500+ individual American fashion shoppers, is to meet them where they are — and suggest options they’ll already be looking for.

In this report, you will learn:

  • How the new generation shops, both throughout the day and from week to week  — and the key steps you should take to attract these fashion shoppers
  • The demographics and retail habits of the ideal target audiences for acquisition campaigns in fashion
  • Tips on how to attract and keep tech-savvy customers’ loyalty for the long term


































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